Prevenience is intended as a tribute to Magic: the Gathering's best and most innovative sets. This tribute is exhibited through the 25 card repeats that were drawn, one per set, from each Magic set from Alpha to Alliance, and from each large set from Mirage block to Time Spiral block. We also reference (sometimes indirectly) the name of each Magic set from Alpha to Time Spiral in the card names of Prevenience.

Prevenience was originally completed between Saviors of Kamigawa and Ravnica: City of Guilds. Since then, we have polished the language of individual cards and refined the cycles of our set.

Here is a brief description of Prevenience's major mechanics and themes. For more detail, consult the Prevenience FAQ here.

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New Keyword Ability: Transform

Transform is a static ability that enables you to play certain creature cards as a creature spell OR as an instant or sorcery spell. Transform plays a major part in the uniqueness of Prevenience's gameplay. Trying to fit one more creature into your deck? One more spell? Why not put in both? Each card with Transform is two spells in one, and so games have more choices and more variety.

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Theme: Chain Spells

The Prevenience set has three cycles of instants and sorceries ("Chain spells") that resolve an initial effect, then give its caster the option to copy the spell by paying some cost.

(1) Copying the Spell without Mana. The cost to copy the Chain spell for the first cycle doesn't require any mana, but the spell's controller must sacrifice a land, sacrifice a creature, and discard a card.

(2) Copying the Spell with Mana Only. The cost to copy the Chain spell for the second cycle requires only the payment of mana in amount and type equal to the spell's original mana cost.

(3) Copying the Spell with Mana + Discard. The cost to copy the Chain spell for the third cycle requires the payment of mana in amount and type equal to the spell's original mana cost and requires discarding one card of a particular color.

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Returning Mechanic: Landwalk

The Prevenience set contains around 50 cards that deal with landwalk. This is over one-fifth of all cards dealing with landwalk in the entire history of Magic: the Gathering (excluding Portal and Starter sets). Prevenience has cycles of common and uncommon landwalk creatures for each color's own basic land type, as well as for the basic land types of both enemy colors. Certain colors also have special rare landwalk creatures.

Prevenience also has a cycle of uncommon creatures with flash and the static ability of being able to block creatures with landwalk of one basic land type (the "Landwalk Defenders").

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Theme: Hosing Colors with Their Own Strengths

The Prevenience set returns color hosers, but with a twist. Each color has reverse-engineered what its enemy colors have used as weapons against it in the past. For instance, green can now destroy all black creatures in play, and red can give all of its creatures protection from white.

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Cycle: Leeches

The Prevenience set has a cycle of rare "Leech" creatures. Each one "leeches", for itself or for its controller, some ability or condition that is applicable to another creature or player. Each Leech also makes spells of a particular color one colored mana cheaper to play.

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Theme: Prediction

The Prevenience set has a cycle of Mystic creatures with an activated ability which taps for an effect. Each of these creatures also has an ability to untap itself, if you correctly predict the name of the top card of your library.

There are other predictions throughout Prevenience, such as Geographic Prediction, Hypnotic Prediction, and Death by Chance.

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Cycle: Promise Auras

There is a cycle of five Promise Auras in Prevenience. Each Promise Aura has an ability affecting the particular creature it is enchanting while the Promise Aura is in play, and has a different ability affecting all enchanted creatures while the Promise Aura is in a graveyard.

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Theme: Protection from enchanted creatures

The Prevenience set introduces a new protection ability - Protection from enchanted creatures.

This ability doesn't include any protection from enchantments.

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Theme: Auras

Auras play a major role in Prevenience. For example, you can't lose the game as long as you control the rare white Aura Angelic Infusion. You can overcome any drawbacks on a creature with the uncommon gold Aura Macromutation.

Prevenience overcomes many of the common problems presented when with Auras. Besides the Promise Auras, there are a variety of ways to reuse Auras, some Auras have a built-in cantrip, and others receive some other benefit if it is on a creature that will soon leave play.

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Returning Theme: Legends

Prevenience has 22 Legendary creatures, including ten gold ones. Only Legends, Champions of Kamigawa, Portal: Three Kingdoms, and Time Spiral have more Legendary creatures than Prevenience.

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Cycle: Alternative Costs for Gold Creatures

Prevenience has a cycle of uncommon gold creatures with a static ability and a mana cost of one colored mana of three different colors. Each of those uncommon gold creatures also has an alternative cost of {4} colorless mana plus one colored mana of any of those three colors. If the alternative cost is paid, the creature loses its static ability, but the creature still has the same ability that can be activated for one turn at a time.

Rule Change: Changing the Mode of a Copy Spell

A Prevenience card is the first Magic card to allow the mode to be changed when a spell is copied.