How to Play Prevenience Online

In order to play Prevenience online, you must use either Apprentice or Magic Workstation. Both are free programs that allow you to build decks using a database of cards, and then either test the deck by yourself or connect over the internet to play someone else.

Apprentice is easier to set up and learn how to use. Magic Workstation has more features and will show the full picture of the card instead of a text representation, so it is easier to build and play decks.

Apprentice Instructions

How to add Prevenience to Apprentice:

1. Download and install Apprentice, found here:

Make a note of the file path where you choose to install Apprentice. It will be something like "C:\Program Files\Apprentice".
2. Download and install Magic Set Editor, found here:
3. Download the Prevenience Magic Set Editor file, here: Prevenience.mse-set
4. Open Prevenience.mse-set by double-clicking on it. Magic Set Editor is now open, so go to File -> Export -> Apprentice.

Under "Locate Apprentice" put the file path where you installed Apprentice.

It should be "C:\Program Files\Apprentice" if you did the default installation.

Use PV for the set code.

How to build a deck in Apprentice:

1. Go to File -> Deck Editor
2. Click the drop down box next to Expansion and choose Prevenience. It should be about fifth from the bottom of the list.
3. Then click the green checkmark and only the Prevenience cards will be displayed.

How to play in Apprentice:

Go here for guides and tutorials on how to play using Apprentice.

Magic Workstation Instructions

How to add Prevenience to Magic Workstation:

1. Download and install Magic Workstation, found here:

Make a note of the folder where you choose to install it.

It will be something like "C:\Program Files\Magic Workstation".
2. Download Prevenience for Magic Workstation:
3. Use WinZip or a similar program to unzip to the folder where you installed Magic Workstation.

Make sure to change the destination of the unzipping to the correct folder.

It should be "C:\Program Files\Magic Workstation" if you did the default installation.
NOTE: If you did this correctly, you should have the file Prevenience.mwBase in you Magic Workstation folder.

You should also have a folder called PRV containing all of the Prevenience card pictures in your Magic Workstation\Pics folder.

If you don't understand this, don't worry, just go to step 4.
4. Open Magic Workstation. Go to Tools -> Preferences. Click the tab for Image View.

Click the buttons for "Select External Pictures First", "Full Card Image", and "Full Images First". Click OK.
5. In Magic Workstation, go to File -> Open Library, and open Prevenience.mwBase.

The Prevenience.mwBase file is in your Magic Workstation folder, which is one level up from the Custom Sets folder (in case the Custom Sets folder appears when you try to open the file).
6. In the same way, open Master.mwBase in the other pane by clicking in the empty pane and then going to File -> Open Library.
7. Click in the pane where Prevenience.mwBase is open. Go to Edit -> Select All, then Edit -> Copy. Then click in the pane with Master.mwBase and go to Edit -> Paste, which adds all of the Prevenience cards to the master base. Go to File -> Save Deck/Library and you're done.

How to build a deck in Magic Workstation:

1. Go to View -> Deck View. Here you can click the arrows to add cards to your deck.

How to play in Magic Workstation:

Go here for guides and tutorials on how to play using Magic Workstation.