Nonbasic Lands with Basic Land Types

A cycle of common Prevenience nonbasic lands each have a basic land type. The five common nonbasic lands are Dwarven Crater, Ebon Wreckage, Havenwood Ruins, Memorial to Trokair, and Svyelunite Debris.


* These lands have basic land types, but they're not basic lands. Things that affect basic lands don't affect it. For example, you can't find Ebon Wreckage with Reclaiming Wilderness or Sylvan Renewal ("search your library for a basic land card").

* Things that affect basic land types do affect these lands. Svyelunite Debris does enable a creature with Islandwalk, and counts as an Island for purposes of Coldwater Prowler, Status Quo, and Flood of Anger. All Ebon Wreckages are destroyed by Drained Wetlands.

* A player with Dwarven Crater in play and at least one card in his or her hand can play the alternative cost of Lightning Strike ("If you control a Mountain, you may discard a card at random rather than pay Lightning Strike's mana cost.").

* If a player plays Ebon Wreckage's sacrifice ability to add {U}{B}{R} to his or her mana pool, that player did not tap a land for mana.