Prevenience demonstrates that an exciting and balanced Magic the Gathering set can be created outside Wizards of the Coast. This set also pays homage to the amazing earlier MtG sets, from its 350-card size to the reintroduction of landwalk and chain spells as major themes. We even reference each set between Alpha and Time Spiral in Prevenience's card names.

On this site, you can see individual cards with their pictures. Learn how to play Prevenience online with your friends. Read articles about the mechanics and themes, and how the set was made. The FAQ (which is searchable) will cover questions you might have about how Magic's rules apply to Prevenience cards. You can give us your feedback in the chat box, by visiting one of the Prevenience forum threads, or by sending us an e-mail.



Champions of Kamigawa was the impetus for us to create Prevenience. Here's the story of why and how the set evolved, from artifact characters and rabies to its final form.

"The process of creating our original Magic the Gathering set started in October, 2004. However, our first attempt at Magic set-building occurred over two years earlier. Wizards made several poor choices when they put together Eighth Edition. After Randy Buehler wrote an article for the Wizards website defending why Eager Cadet (1/1 vanilla creature for one white mana) was an excellent choice for the core set, we convinced Scott Johns to feature our exhaustive seven-part series 'If We Worked For Wizards.'"....more


Prevenience has the new mechanic Transform, as well as new twists on old favorites like landwalk and chain spells. For the first time ever, Auras in Prevenience are useful, whether in play or in the graveyard.